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The MEE laboratory studies composition, microstructure, and mechanical properties using a wide variety of techniques, including light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, electrochemical testing, chemical surface analysis methods, and mechanical tests.


The MEE technical staff specializes in comprehensive, root-cause failure analysis. The range of experience encompasses many types of material behavior and modes of failure, including mechanical and corrosion mechanisms, in a wide variety of metals and polymers.

industries Served

Expert, Expedited Materials Solutions

Whether you are a designer of implantable medical devices, a manufacturer of electronic parts, or an engineer at a steel foundry, your projects benefit from MEE’s breadth of scientific expertise, responsiveness, thorough analysis and collaborative work style.

Case Studies

Vent Pipe Corrosion

A metallurgical evaluation was requested to investigate corrosion of a sewer vent pipe. The objective of the evaluation was to determine the corrosion mechanism for the pipe and possible causes of the corrosion.

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Materials Science and Engineering
December 1st This week, MEE hosted 28 University of St Thomas Materials Science students in our laboratory. Staff gave tours of our metallography, c… ... [ MORE ]

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