ASM Failure Analysis Handbooks

posted March 2021

The newly revised ASM Handbook Volume 11 – Failure Analysis and Prevention has been released.  MEE Professional Engineers, Larry Hanke, Ryan Haase and Neal Hanke all contributed to this latest release.  Larry Hanke, P.E. co-authored two articles, Scanning Electron Microscopy for Failure Analysis and X-Ray Spectroscopy in Failure Analysis and was Division Editor for the section on Tools and Techniques in Failure Analysis. Ryan and Neal were editors and reviewers for multiple articles within the handbook including the Chemical Analysis section.

ASM Handbooks are a comprehensive multi-volume reference work covering every area of materials specialization. The staff at MEE recognizes that contributing to their professional organization benefits not just their personal career goals but the overall engineering and scientific community.

MEE Engineers Larry Hanke , Ryan Haase, and Neal Hanke