MEE CEO and Principal Engineer, Larry Hanke, will be the keynote speaker at the UK Association of Fire Investigators summer training conference in London, England on July 3, 2017.

Larry and MEE engineer, Neal Hanke, recently presented a similar session at the 2017 International Association of Arson Investigators training conference in Las Vegas.

The following key concepts were covered in their presentation:

  1. A fundamental understanding of how structural and electrical materials behave at elevated temperatures.
  2. How material behaves under stress.
  3. How to evaluate component failures that may contribute to fire and explosion
  4. A better understanding of how to identify electrical arcing
  5. How anomalous material behavior can lead to incorrect conclusions about the conditions during a fire

Larry  has  assisted with the investigation of hundreds of fires and explosions during his 40 year career as a Metallurgical Engineer.  In 1995 he founded Materials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc.  which has become one of the leading material testing and failure analysis laboratory in the Upper Midwest.

Neal  has been conducting materials evaluation investigations and testing with MEE. since 2011. Recently, he has become involved in the research of materials characterization for arc mapping in structural and automotive fires.

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