Failure Analysis Presentation

posted January 2016

Larry Hanke and Dan Grice recently presented a talk on the application of CT imaging for failure analysis and laboratory services to the of technical staff and sales representatives of one of our vendors.

Typical failure analysis tasks always include a visual examination, SEM/EDS examination and microstructure analysis. Three-dimensional X-ray imaging (CT scanning) has become another important tool for failure analysis.

Contact MEE  to discuss your failure analysis project. Failure analysis and advanced research projects are directed by registered professional engineers specializing in the behavior of materials and how their structure affects service performance.


A New P.E. on Staff

posted January 2016

Congratulations to MEE staff member, Dan Grice P.E., who just received his professional engineering license. To add those two letters, P.E., after his name meant completing a four-year college degree (Dan has a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering), working under a Professional Engineer for at least four years and passing two intensive competency exams.

PE’s must continually maintain and improve their skills throughout their careers. A PE license indicates a commitment to hard work, integrity and dedication to the profession.

Visit the Staff page of our website to learn other fun facts about Dan and meet the rest of the MEE staff.