MEE staff, Larry Hanke, Dieter Scholz and Dan Grice recently presented webinars for ASM International. Both webinars are now available to view for free from the ASM International website. You will need to fill out a registration form before being directed to the webinar.

Advance Specimen Preparation for Metallography

Fractography and Fracture Analysis: History and Development

A few comments from attendees of the Fractography and Fracture Analysis Webinar:

“A great overview of historic fractures. Well worth my attendance.”

“Please convey my sincere Congratulations to Dan & Larry for their superb professional presentation

“Highly systematic historical information regarding Fracture Analysis. Excellent user-friendly Presentation. Job Well Done”

Larry Hanke P.E. in 1995 at the JEOL5800. Image from the Fractography and Fracture Analysis: History and Development webinar.



Join MEE Engineers Dan Grice, P.E. and Larry Hanke P.E. next Tuesday, July 28th, for an ASM International webinar discussing the history of fractography and fracture analysis. Register today!

The study of fractures over the years has had an important role in materials engineering to improve product performance and reliability. This presentation will review the history of fractography, including the historical development of the science, changes in the analytical tools, and some historical case histories showing how fractography has been used over the past 100 years.

Dan Grice, P.E. and Larry Hanke, P.E.


Dan Grice, P.E.

Dan Grice, P.E.


MEE Senior Materials Engineer, Dan Grice P.E., was awarded the 2020 ASM International Bronze Medal.  Established in 2014, the honor of Bronze Medal of the Society recognizes ASM members who are in early-career positions, typically, 0 to 10 years of experience, for their significant contributions in the field of materials science & engineering through technical content and service to ASM and the materials science profession.  Grice was recognized “For enduring contributions to ASM International through the Emerging Professionals Committee and the Failure Analysis Society, and the enthusiastic promulgation of materials engineering technology.”

Congratulations Dan!