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Dan Grice, P.E. and Larry Hanke, P.E.

Dan Grice, P.E. and Larry Hanke, P.E. will be presenting technical sessions at the Materials Science & Technology (MS&T) Conference, held in Portland, Oregon on September 29 – October 3.

Dan’s presentation, Hydrogen Embrittlement: Contributions from Material Processing, will provide an overview of material processing operations that contribute to the hydrogen embrittlement failure mechanism and include case studies of hydrogen embrittlement failures for which material processing operations had significant or unusual contributions to the fractures. His presentation will be included in the Process-related Failures session on Wednesday.

Larry’s program, Radiant Tube Heater Failure Analysis and Resulting Changes to NFPA 54 is included in the Failure Prevention session on Thursday. Larry will discuss failure analysis investigations of radiant tube heaters involved in building explosions. The investigations were instrumental in a revision to the National Fuel Gas Code (NFPA 54) changing the requirements for installation of these heaters and demonstrating the potential impact of the failure analysis process to prevent future failures.

MS&T is a long-standing, recognized forum held annually that is organized with cooperation between four materials-related professional societies. At MEE, participation in technical conferences is greater than just completing continuing education credits, we place high value on the importance of keeping up-to-date on best practices and advancing the field of Materials Science.

Materials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc.  is pleased to announce that Henry Ahrenholtz has joined our staff as an Associate Engineer. We hired Henry to support MEE’s  busy materials characterization laboratory.  He has rapidly become skilled in nondestructive testing methods, visual examination, metallographic sample preparation, microstructure examination, and mechanical testing. He has already been involved in two large industrial projects assisting senior engineering staff on the job site and in the laboratory.  We are confident that Henry will be a strong asset to the MEE team.

Henry is from Minnetonka Minnesota and attended Iowa State University, graduating in 2018 with a degree in Materials Engineering with a specialization in polymers. When not at work in the Metallography Lab, Henry enjoys rock climbing and cycling.


Henry Ahrenholtz

Materials Science Camp

posted July 2019

This was MEE’s 13th year as a sponsor of ASM International Materials Science Camp for high school students. ASM Materials Camp utilizes hands-on learning principles of applied math and science for a truly unique, team-based problem solving experience that explores materials science and engineering principles.

The students are assigned a failure analysis project on the first day of camp and spend a day in the laboratories at MEE examining their samples and gathering data.  They prepare their samples in the metallographic lab, view the microstructure using SEM and metallographic microscopes and perform Rockwell hardness tests all under the direction of  industry and education based Materials Mentors.

Three MEE staff, Larry Hanke, Kurt Schenk and Neal Hanke, were camp mentors for the entire week of camp.

Rockwell hardness test lab

Mentor, Kurt Schenk, enjoying the camp experience!

Sample Preparation in the MEE shop

Introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy

Light Microscopy

Consulting ASM Handbooks

This summer we were fortunate to be able to offer two internship opportunities to materials science students.  Samiha Khan is working with us part time while taking classes at the University of MN in the Materials Science Engineering program. Samiha didn’t start out as a materials science student but after talking with students already in the program and doing a little more research on the profession she says she found it to be a perfect match to her interests. She is looking forward to working in our microscopy labs and will be assisting staff in sample preparation and testing.

Summer Intern at MEE

posted May 2019

Welcome to our  2019 summer intern, Jordan Cornelius. Jordan will be graduating later this year from Iowa State University with a degree in Materials Science Engineering with specializations in metals and ceramics.  Jordan is specifically interested in gaining experience with materials testing and characterization and failure analysis. He sees his time at MEE as a great opportunity to learn about the variety of industries our company partners with from industrial clients to medical device manufacturers.

Jordan Cornelius, MEE summer intern



Microscopy Spring Symposium

posted May 2019

MEE staff to attend Microscopy Spring Symposium

Dieter Scholz and Jason Larson will be attending the Minnesota Microscopy Society’s Annual Spring Symposium on Friday May 3 in St Paul. The topic of this year’s symposium is Non-Traditional and Emerging Microscopy Techniques. MEE is a corporate sponsor of the  MN Microscopy Society and will have a booth at this event. Stop by and say hello to Dieter and Jason and ask about MEE’s expanded laboratory facilities and the new microscopes we have acquired, including the new JEOL IT500HR Scanning Electron Microscope.

Dieter Scholz

Jason Larson

Materials Science Education

posted November 2018

This week, MEE hosted University of St Thomas Materials Science students in our laboratory. Students toured our metallography and light microscopy labs and were presented a brief introduction to scanning electron microscopy.

Staff engineer, Neal Hanke, arranged a display of some representative failure analysis projects to demonstrate the range of materials and failure modes we have investigated in our lab.

From our previous blog post:

“We are expecting minimal interruption of our work flow during construction.”


Installation of new  flooring in two of our labs required us to temporarily move all testing equipment out of those rooms.  MEE staff has demonstrated a lot of flexibility and innovative thinking to make sure our work continues with minimal interruption.  Senior Engineer, Jason Larson, has set up his office to run Af testing.  Af testing, Austenite Finish testing, is used to determine the transition temperature in nitinol.

MEE Expansion Project – Part II

posted October 2018

This week, phase one of MEE’s facilities expansion is finishing up. We are added another 1800 sq ft for a new reception area, offices, break room and larger artifact storage area. Phase two of the project will be the expansion and redesign of the metallographic laboratory.  We are expecting minimal interruption of our work flow during construction. Project completion is expected by the end of October.


The first change clients and visitors should note is our front entry will be moving one doorway to the north of our current entrance.