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The Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention editorial team recently announced this year’s Editor’s Choice articles, showcasing six of the high-quality articles that were published in the journal in 2020. One of these top articles was authored by former MEE intern, Reid Schur.  Reid interned with us in 2016 and is currently a Materials Science PhD candidate at the University of Washington conducting research on metal additive manufacturing. Congratulations Reid.

All of the 2020 Editor’s Choice articles are free to read and can be shared with colleagues.

• “A Fractographic Analysis of Additively Manufactured Ti6Al4V by Electron Beam Melting: Effects of Powder Reuse” by R. Schur, S. Ghods, E. Schultz, C. Wisdom, R. Pahuja, A. Montelione, D. Arola, and M. Ramulu, Vol 20(3), June 2020, p 794-803

• “Effects of Axial and Multiaxial Variable Amplitude Loading Conditions on the Fatigue Life Assessment of Automotive Steering Knuckle” by K. Reza Kashyzadeh, Vol 20(2), April 2020, p 455-463

• “UV Aging Effects on Polycarbonate Properties” by S. Redjala, N. Aït Hocine, R. Ferhoum, M. Gratton, N. Poirot, and S. Azem, Vol 20(6), December 2020, p 1907-1916

• “Failure Analysis of an Ambulance Cathode Ray Tube Monitor Bracket” by Eli Vandersluis, Alan Machin, Doug Perovic, and Comondore Ravindran, Vol 20(1), February 2020, p 23-33

• “Failure Investigation of a Blast Furnace Top Gas Recovery Turbine: Chronology and Mechanism” by Kaushal Kishore, Susovan Das, Himangshu Mandal, Omji Anand, Goutam Mukhopadhyay, Manashi Adhikary, and Anup Kumar, Vol 20(4), August 2020, p 1376-1387

• “Investigation on the Crack and Thinning Behavior of Aluminum Alloy 5052 Sheet in Stretch Flanging Process” by Surendra Kumar, M. Ahmed, and S. K. Panthi, Vol 20(4), August 2020, p 1212-1228

Larry Hanke and Dan Grice will be presenting a talk on A Historical Perspective of Fracture Analysis at the February 19 ASM Symposium at Hennepin Technical College.  The theme of the symposium is “Materials Retrospect: 100 Years of Advancement” in recognition of the 100th anniversary of the MN chapter of ASM International. Other presentations at the event will cover topics such as advancements in the casting industry, metal additive manufacturing and breakthroughs in nitinol in medical device design.

Larry and Dan’s presention will review the history of fractography, including the historical development of the science, changes in the analytical tools, and some historical case histories.
The effective use of materials in various engineering applications requires an understanding of material properties, including conditions of material failure. Fracture is behavior that must be taken into account. The study of fractures over the years has had an important role in materials engineering to improve product performance and reliability.

Dan Grice, P.E. and Larry Hanke, P.E.

Materials Characterization Seminar

posted February 2018

Neal Hanke, P.E.

Dieter Scholz

Senior Scientist, Dieter Scholz and Materials Engineer, Neal Hanke will be speaking at the Minnesota chapter of ASM 2018 seminar in Brooklyn Park, MN on February 28. The Materials Characterization Seminar is an opportunity to learn about the most recent developments in advanced characterization techniques and their practical applications.

Dieter will be speaking on Broad Beam Ion Milling in Sample Preparation and Neal’s presentation is on the Determination of Nitinol Transformation Temperatures by the Bend and Free Recovery Method.

Materials Science Camp 2017

posted June 2017

Last Friday we had thirty high school students at MEE  as part of a week-long Materials Science Camp sponsored by the MN Chapter of ASM International.  Under the direction of  industry and education based “Materials Mentors”, students got some real world experience solving a materials failure analysis project. Three of our staff, Larry Hanke, Kurt Schenk and Neal Hanke, and our summer intern, Atte were  camp mentors. This was MEE’s eleventh year sponsoring the camp.

IMG_0036 IMG_0071


Larry Hanke just returned from a visit to the Ottawa Chapter of ASM International. As a member of the ASM Board of Trustees, Larry has been invited to visit many local chapters. These visits are an important way to keep local chapters updated on what is going on in the organization at the national level and for the Board to hear about issues and concerns of the local chapters.  He enjoyed meeting the Ottawa chapter members and hearing about their involvement in Teacher Materials Camp.

ASM Ottawa chapter visit

Nasseh Khodaie and Larry Hanke

Larry presented at the meeting a talk on Forensic Materials Engineering For Product-Reliability Litigation.  In addition, Chapter Chair, Nasseh Khodaie, arranged for Larry to take a tour of the National Research Council (NRC), the Government of Canada’s premier research organization.

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On the Road Again

posted November 2016

Larry Hanke, will be speaking on Forensic Materials Engineering for Product Liability Litigation at the November meeting of  the Metro NY-NJ chapter of ASM International. The presentation will discuss potential materials related problems in product design and manufacturing that can lead to product failures. Failure mechanisms, including fracture and corrosion, as well as the material properties and service conditions that cause these failures will be covered. In addition, he will discuss special considerations for the process of investigating product failures involved in litigation from the materials engineering prospective.

Kurt Schenk, Laboratry Manager


MEE Laboratory Manager, Kurt Schenk, was nominated to the ASM International Chapter Honor Roll. This annual award recognizes the best volunteers as submitted by their chapter. Kurt has been treasurer of the Minnesota Chapter for over 9 years. He created and continues to maintain the Chapter website and is a mentor at the Chapter’s Materials Camp.

The honor was announced in the September 2016 issue of Advanced Materials & Process.

Kurt has been with MEE since we opened our doors in 1995. He has 25+ years of experience as a Metallurgical Technologist with expertise in metallographic sample preparation, microstructure evaluation, light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, microanalysis, and metallurgical testing.



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MEE Senior Materials Engineer, Dan Grice, was just named to the Board of Directors for the Failure Analysis Society  (FAS) of ASM International.  Dan will be acting as liaison to the FAS Membership Committee. Among his goals will be to develop programs within FAS to increase membership and improve services for the emerging professionals demographic.

“The Failure Analysis Society is the newest affiliate society from ASM International. Founded in 2016, this society is dedicated to advancing the important role failure analysis plays in the materials science industry. We aim to promote more safe, reliable products by study of the many ways in which failures occur and to educate the larger engineering, manufacturing, and user communities regarding our findings.”


Failure Analysis Society

posted July 2016

“ASM International (ASM), the world’s largest association of metals-focused materials professionals, has launched a new affiliate society, the Failure Analysis Society (FAS). The society is dedicated to advancing the important role failure analysis plays in the materials science industry.”

Congratulations to MEE Materials Science Engineers Larry Hanke, Ryan Haase, and Dan Grice who have been selected as founding members of the Society.

What are the benefits to working with an engineer or scientist who is actively involved in their professional society?  You know you are working with someone who has an interest in sustaining and advancing their field, places a high level of importance on professionalism and ethics and is keeping up-to-date on trends and best practices.
FAS member




Congratulations to CEO and Principal Engineer, Larry Hanke,  who was nominated for the ASM International Board of Trustees. Larry has chaired two local chapters and served on four national committees including chair of the Handbook Committee and Failure Analysis Committee. He is also a member of three ASM Affiliate Societies, the Shape Memory and Super-elastic Technologies Society, Failure Analysis Society and International Metallographic Society.

Nominees for the ASM Board are selected by the ASM Nominating Committee and will be voted on at the ASM Annual Business Meeting during MS&T16 in Salt Lake City.