SEM Teleconferencing

posted April 2020

MEE is committed to providing our clients with the required microscopy resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic. The MEE staff knows microscopy, but sometimes a client’s knowledge about the sample and examination objectives is required to conduct an efficient microscopy session. Traditionally, our clients have come into the laboratory to communicate face-to-face with the microscopist, such as during a scanning electron microscopy session. Since social distancing is currently being practiced, MEE is conducting client-guided microscopy sessions via an online video conference platform with audio communication between the operator and the client. laboratory microscopy electronmicroscopy platform materialscience With online sharing of the live image from the microscope, clients and microscope operators are able to work together without the risk associated with face-to-face interactions. Clients can communicate directions to the microscope operator either verbally or with the use of screen annotation tools. During each session, the images collected will be simultaneously synced to a secure online location. Clients will have immediate access to the high quality microscope images. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a microscope teleconference.

MEE Remote SEM Teleconference

Remote Directed SEM Session