Expert Witness

MEE engineers have the expertise to provide the technical data and the communication skills for credible expert reports and testimony when required. Impartial expertise is an imperative in our business.


Even with the best engineering and intentions, product failures will occur. Sometimes these failures have financial implications that lead to litigation. In many of these cases, understanding the behavior of the material in a failed component can be critical to determination of the cause of a loss.

The engineers at MEE have provided expert assistance for litigation in hundreds of cases for over three decades. MEE engineers have the technical expertise to understand the failure and the communication skills to provide credible expert reports and testimony when required.


Examples of cases where MEE has provided support for product-liability litigation:

  •     Rupture of a propane tank
  •     Stress corrosion cracking failure of a residential faucet
  •     Collapse of a mining drill rig
  •     Degradation of PEX tubing for residential water supply
  •     Corrosion of structural side rails on truck trailers
  •     Fracture of electrical thermal cut-off devices
  •     Fracture of a bicycle fork
  •     Failure of a head pulley bearing in grain elevator
  •     Collapse of a corrugated steel grain bin
  •     Perforation of corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) by lightning

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