Medical Device

Fatigue Fracture of an Implantable Hip JointDeveloping new medical device technology requires innovative ideas and rigorous testing for demanding applications. MEE has the analytical tools to expand your test laboratory and the engineering expertise to guide your product development strategy. Let us know how we can help your project get the analysis you need to succeed.


Typical MEE Projects on Medical Devices:

  • Electrochemical corrosion testing to verify product surface preparation
  • Fracture analysis on prototype device after life testing
  • Measurement of heat-affected zone on laser-cut nitinol stents
  • Engineering review of device material selection
  • Characterization of corrosion on device after animal study
  • Quantitative evaluation of nonmetallic inclusions in wire material
  • Characterization of drug coating on stents
  • Analysis of electropolishing surface defects
  • Mechanical testing of dental crown adhesive
  • Characterization of flaws in angioplasty balloons
  • Grain size determination for ultrafine wire
  • Evaluation of laser marking methods
  • Testing for free iron on passivated surfaces
  • Laser weld penetration depth measurements
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