Field Emission SEM (FESEM) 

The FESEM is an advanced microscope offering increased magnification and the ability to observe very fine features at a lower voltage than the SEM found in most laboratories.


The Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) has a much brighter electron source and smaller beam size than a typical SEM increasing the useful magnification of observation and imaging up to 500,000x. A second advantage of the FESEM is that high resolution imaging can be performed with very low accelerating voltages. This enhances the observation of very fine surface features, electron beam sensitive materials, and non-conductive materials. The FESEM is ideal for imaging polymer materials and thin films.

Typical Applications

  • Microscopic feature measurements
  • Corrosion evaluations
  • Striation measurements for high-cycle fatigue fractures
  • Coating evaluations
  • Characterization of very fine specimen features
  • Fracture characterization for polymers and very small components
  • Surface contamination analysis
  • Small component material analysis
  • Laser and resistance weld evaluation
  • Printed and integrated circuit analysis
  • Microstructure studies

For more information about the capabilities and typical applications of the FESEM, contact us or consult the SEM chapter in the Handbook of Analytical Methods for Materials (HAMM).