Failure Analysis

Any product failure can have serious consequences - from financial loss and/or personal safety perspectives. MEE is your partner in determining the cause of a failure to minimize future risk.

Since every manufactured product is made from an engineered material, the behavior of the materials comprising a failed product is a critical aspect of determining how and why the failure has occurred. The expertise of the MEE staff includes a fundamental understanding of material behavior and a broad range of experience with different materials and types of failure. From failure mechanism to root cause determinations, your project benefits from our focused, expert analysis methods and thorough reports to minimize risk in your application.


Examples of failure analysis projects completed at MEE:

  • Ruptured economizer tube from steam boiler
  • Fractured shaft from gas compressor
  • Corroded stainless steel tank wall
  • Fractured plastic adapter from commercial water softener
  • Failed thermal protector from electric motor
  • Braze failure in tubular heat exchanger
  • Fractured parking lot light pole
  • Fracture of propane supply pipe for radiant heater
  • Lifting crane collapse
  • Fracture of delivery device for implantable medical device
  • Failure of gear box for industrial compressor
  • Excessive wear of motorcycle transmission components
  • Failure of wire rope from marine crane
  • Creep rupture of pigtails from refinery reformer
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