Flip-chip IC bump separation at intermetallic layerThe constantly evolving electronics industry presents materials problems that require specialized equipment and creative solutions. MEE has long been a leader in laboratory testing applying traditional and advanced analytical methods. MEE helps you address your product challenges efficiently and effectively.



Typical MEE Projects for Electronic Components

  •     Evaluation of PCB, IC, and pad contamination
  •     Competitive analysis/reverse engineering of circuit boards and assemblies
  •     Evaluation of BGA and flip-chip bump failures
  •     Precision cross sectioning of buried features
  •     Evaluation of flexible circuitry and layer stackups
  •     Analysis of electrical failures due to dendritic growth and tin whiskers
  •     Cross section and precision measurement of PCB layering and wafer metallization
  •     Failure analysis of wirebond defects and solder connections
  •     Composition analysis for platings including electroless nickel and ENIG
  •     Examination and decapsulation of packaged IC devices
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