Coating and Plating

SEM Image - Cross Section of a Blistered Metallic CoatingCoatings and plating can be crucial steps in achieving corrosion / wear resistance or just the right aesthetic for your parts. Our laboratory excels at determining the thickness, composition, and hardness for a variety of coating and plating methods. Our precision sectioning, argon ion mill, and FESEM set us apart from the competition when it comes to your coating and plating evaluation needs.

Recent Projects Include:

  • Thickness of parylene coating over metal wires
  • Anodized aluminum thickness
  • Wear resistant coating thickness prior to and after simulated wear testing
  • Seizure of tungsten carbide coated bearing in a pump
  • Corrosion of a nickel plated ball in a children's toy
  • Thickness measurement for 80-nm gold plating
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