Materials, Process and Product Evaluation

Whether your concern is material selection, heat treating, welding or other product performance factor, MEE can make your job easier and products more reliable.

 Laser weld of titanium and platinum. The engineers and scientists at MEE are experts at the behavior of materials and have experience with a broad range of products from different industrial applications. This expertise is paired with our laboratory capabilities to assist customers with testing and evaluation programs to improve product reliability.
From corrosion testing and weld evaluation to life testing and repair method validation, MEE is ready to make sure that the materials in your products perform at their peak or that your product or process is working properly.


Examples of projects for material, process, and product evaluation:

  • Cleanliness testing of automotive components
  • Evaluation of laser welds in titanium containers
  • Life testing of mechanical components
  • Microstructure evaluation of laser-cut stents for laser-cutting process optimization
  • Evaluation of passivation methods for stainless steel sculpture
  • Weld process evaluation for electrical transmission towers
  • Material selection for chemical processing tank 
  • Temper etch inspection for surface grinding optimization
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