Custom Test Design

Some problems require solutions beyond the standard test methods and procedures routinely performed at MEE. Replicating the suspected cause of failure on an exemplar part can provide valuable information about the likelihood of that failure case. Likewise, intentionally causing component failures in a variety of ways can provide insight into possible failure scenarios. Wondering how (or if) a design or part can be tested? Give us a call – the engineers and technicians at MEE enjoy the hands-on experience of designing customized testing plans for your unique challenges.



Example custom testing projects performed by MEE:

  • Simulating air separator rupture in hot water system
  • In vitro testing to determine work of flexion for repaired tendons
  • Controlled and monitored actuation of thermal cut-off devices
  • Pressure testing CSST for liquid propane service
  • Confirm sustained load capacity for fall protection system
  • Performance testing of crimped tubing connections for HVAC system
  • Simulated freeze failures for potable water or fire protection system components
  • Replication of industrial manufacturing conditions for product assembly
  • Temperature mapping for heat gun
  • Simulated misuse of commercial power tools
  • Design verification for load capacity of movable wall system
  • Determining the best adhesive for dental crowns

Contact us to discuss which evaluation method is best suited to solve your materials-related problems. Or visit our Handbook of Analytical Methods for Materials (HAMM) for more in-depth explanations and typical applications of the analytical methods used for the characterization and evaluation of materials and products.