Custom Test Design

Often projects are presented to MEE requiringCustom designed test of load capacity for fall protection system
a more creative approach to our standard test services. It may be necessary to recreate a failure to better understand the failure mechanism or the materials to be tested require special handling. MEE’s engineering and technical staff have the hands-on experience backed with the scientific know-how to create a customized test design for your unique project. If you are wondering how or if a test can be done, contact us. We would enjoy working with you to solve your project challenges. 

Example custom testing projects performed by MEE:

  • Simulating air separator rupture in hot water system
  • In vitro testing to determine work of flexion for repaired tendons
  • Determining the best adhesive for dental crowns
  • Pressure testing CSST for liquid propane service
  • Confirm sustained load capacity for fall protection system
  • Performance testing of crimped tubing connections for HVAC system

Contact us to discuss which evaluation method is best suited to solve your materials-related problems. Or visit our Handbook of Analytical Methods for Materials (HAMM) for more in-depth explanations and typical applications of the analytical methods used for the characterization and evaluation of materials and products.