Light Microscopy 

MEE has a variety of light microscopes with magnifications ranging from 5X to 2400X. Each microscope is connected to a camera with digital image capture for subsequent measurements and/or additional image analyses.  

Keyence Digital Light MicroscopeLight microscopes aid in low-magnification observation of sample surface features using visible light. The Keyence VHX 1000 is a state-of-the-art digital microscope that captures images with an extended depth of field and allows for 3D measurements of surface features. The laboratory also has a range of stereo microscopes for low-magnification inspection and imaging.

Light microscopy for metallographic analysis generally refers to reflected-light microscopy. By this method, light is directed perpendicular to the sample surface and reflected back through the objective to an eyepiece, and/or digital camera. Various illumination techniques and light filters/analyzers can be used to reveal and enhance microscopic features. The laboratory’s Reichert MeF3 is a research-grade inverted metallographic light microscope with brightfield, darkfield, polarized light, and differential interference contrast imaging capabilities.

Typical Applications

  • Small sample inspection
  • Metal microstructure evaluation
  • Small feature measurements
  • Fracture mode identification
  • Corrosion failure inspection
  • Surface contamination evaluation

Contact us to discuss which evaluation method is best suited to solve your materials-related problems. Or visit our Handbook of Analytical Methods for Materials (HAMM) for more in-depth explanations and typical applications of the analytical methods used for the characterization and evaluation of materials and products.