About Us

Our Company Name Says it All

Okay, we know our name doesn’t really say it ALL, but you get the idea. That was the goal back in 1995 when company founder and CEO, Larry Hanke named his new company. Materials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc. was founded to fill a local need for an independent, high-quality, materials characterization laboratory for advanced materials and critical components. From those laboratory roots, MEE has rapidly developed into a leading material testing and failure analysis laboratory in the Upper Midwest. Referrals from satisfied customers have generated a steady growth of new projects and clients from across the continent and internationally.

Over the years we have built a professional team of engineers, scientists and technicians who share the same values of service excellence and staff-customer partnerships. Partnership with the customer is essential and primary in MEE’s work as both parties bring perspectives to the table that are needed to achieve the best materials solutions.

Key benefits to partnering with MEE:

  • Our partnership and dedication in solving clients challenges
  • Our in-depth industry experience with a wide variety of metals and polymers
  • Our fundamental understanding of materials behavior, including mechanical and corrosion failure mechanisms
  • Our focused, expert analysis methods and detailed thorough reports
  • Our state-of-the-art testing and analysis laboratory

Mission Statement:

“Our objective at MEE is to work in partnership with clients to develop practical, cost-effective solutions to materials-related problems. MEE achieves this by the innovative application of traditional and advanced analytical methods combined with sound engineering.”