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Testing to Industry Standards

posted April 2019


MEE has years of experience in interpreting and conducting tests per industry standards in order to provide our clients with reliable results. We have a select list of standards we test to posted on our website.  Since we recently added a Brinell Hardness Tester to our laboratory services we added two more ASTM standards to the list.


ASTM E10  Standard Test Method for Brinell Hardness of Metallic Materials

ASTM E110 Standard Test Method for Rockwell and Brinell Hardness by Portable Hardness Testers


The list on our website is by no means all inclusive. If you don’t see the test method you require, contact us.


The Intern Experience at MEE

posted August 2016

Interns, Reid Schur and Josh Polzin, were a welcome addition to our team this summer.

Reid completed a project comparing the chemical vs mechanical test methods used in ASTM  D3483, Standard Test Methods for Accumulated Deposition in a Steam Generator Tube. We will use the information from his work to help our customers decide on the best test method to use with their specific projects. Josh spent a lot of his time in the metallographic laboratory doing sample preparation and testing material removal rates for the automatic polisher.

Both can also add welding and engineering design to their resume after creating this bike rack for our staff who commute to work by bike. Thank you Reid and Josh and good luck in your engineering careers.




Testing to Industry Standards

posted August 2016

We added a new page to our website, Testing to Industry Standards. Select ASTM test methods we have experience with are listed. The list is by no means all inclusive. If you don’t see the test method you require, contact us. We will work with you to interpret test methods and identify those tests we can perform or assist in identifying the appropriate test method for your particular project. We can even design custom test programs when required.

Microhardness Test

Microhardness Testing

New Laboratory Service

posted June 2016

Materials Evaluation and Engineering, Inc. has added testing to ASTM standard  F2082 to its list of laboratory services. This test provides a rapid and economical method for the determination of transformation temperature for Nickel-Titanium shape memory alloy, also known as Nitinol.

Nitinol’s unique shape-memory and superelastic properties lends itself to a wide variety of uses in medical and industrial fields. Results from the test determining the temperature when phase change occurs provide data applicable to the ultimate use and performance of the material.

Contact us for more information.