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Microscopy Spring Symposium

posted May 2019

MEE staff to attend Microscopy Spring Symposium

Dieter Scholz and Jason Larson will be attending the Minnesota Microscopy Society’s Annual Spring Symposium on Friday May 3 in St Paul. The topic of this year’s symposium is Non-Traditional and Emerging Microscopy Techniques. MEE is a corporate sponsor of the  MN Microscopy Society and will have a booth at this event. Stop by and say hello to Dieter and Jason and ask about MEE’s expanded laboratory facilities and the new microscopes we have acquired, including the new JEOL IT500HR Scanning Electron Microscope.

Dieter Scholz

Jason Larson

Last Thursday we hosted thirty high school students at MEE  as part of a week-long Materials Science Camp sponsored by the MN Chapter of ASM International.  Under the direction of  industry and academic based “Materials Mentors”, students learned about the process of running a failure analysis investigation. MEE provided a space for the students to get hands on experience with sample preparation, Rockwell hardness testing, light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy.



Three of our staff, Larry Hanke, Kurt Schenk and Neal Hanke, were  camp mentors. This was MEE’s twelfth year sponsoring the camp.

To allow more consistent metallographic section preparation of very small targets, MEE has added a Leica EM/TXP to our selection of sectioning tools. The Leica EM/TXP is specifically designed for more precise and efficient targeting of points of interest in very small specimens. A combination mill/grinder/polisher and stereomicroscope, the Leica EM/TXP, allows the technician to observe the sample during preparation improving accuracy in locating microscopic targets.

We weren’t familiar with the Minneapolis city flag until just recently, but were pleasantly surprised to see one of the symbols on it is a microscope. That seems fitting to us! Microscopes are one of the most important tools we use at MEE to provide our clients in the medical device, industrial and electronics industries with high-quality materials characterization for their advanced materials and critical components.

MEE has three scanning electron microscopes (and a new one coming this summer) and a light microscopy laboratory equipped with a variety of light microscopes with magnifications ranging from 5X to 2,400X.

There is a small contingent of Minneapolis citizens advocating for an update of the flag. We would hate to see the microscope image go away but either way, MEE will always be flying the microscopy banner.


City of Minneapolis Flag

Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention

Alkaline Carbonate SCC Failures at a Refinery, co-written by MEE staff engineers, Ryan Haase and Larry Hanke was recently published in the Journal of Failure Analysis and Prevention ( First Online: January 16, 2018)

A metallurgical evaluation was performed to investigate two failures from carbonate-containing sour water service at a refinery. The paper details the visual, SEM/EDS, metallographic, and microhardness evaluations used to determine the failure mechanism for each refinery component.






MEE Greatest Hits

posted July 2016

One of our long-time customers recently sent us this image of a tower of CD’s containing project data that he humorously refers to as “MEE’s Greatest Hits: the essential collection.” This is data he has collected over a 10-year period of doing business with MEE and contains mostly SEM images and EDS analysis spectra.

Once upon a time,  images from scanning electron microscopes were printed on Polaroid film. Today we have many ways of sharing project data with our customers: CD’s, flashdrives, emails, or a secure cloud storage account.  Our goal is to get the best quality, most-timely, and consistently-reliable results for our customers. We think this photo is proof of a satisfied customer.

SEM data on CD

SEM data on CD’s

Let it Snow!

posted December 2015

Fun image from our files. This image was created by capturing snow and frost on a chilled aluminum block. The sample was then digitally imaged using the scanning electron microscope. Color was added to the black and white image using graphic editing software.SNOW 8x10 logo dg


MD&M 2015

posted November 2015

It was a fun couple of days in the Exhibit hall of MD&M. Thanks to all who stopped by to talk with us.


Newest design of our booth features the JEOL JSM-6610 LV scanning electron microscope.

We enjoyed the opportunity to talk about our laboratory and engineering services for those in the medical device industry. Almost everyone on staff had a chance to spend some time at the MEE booth and also some time strolling around the exhibit hall to see what was new.  This was MEE’s 16th year with a booth at MD&M.